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Rules, Classes & Regulations

The NZ Superlap Series is a sealed circuit event run over five (5) points rounds. It draws a variety of vehicles from unmodified daily-driven cars, through to dedicated time attack racers.

Note: unsafe vehicles and/or drivers may be removed from the event at any time at the discretion of the organisers and scrutineers.

Eligibility & Licence Requirements:

All vehicles and driver safety gear must conform to Safety Schedule A.

All entrants must have:

  1. a current civilian drivers licence
  2. a current membership to a Motorsport NZ affiliated club (available from HRC for approx $50)
  3. a Motorsport NZ logbook for their car (available from Motorsport NZ for $30)
    Competitors are not required to hold a Motorsport NZ Competition licence, however a Clubsport License is recommended (but not mandatory).

Entry Details

Season Entries - Enter online here!

Limited to 50 spots only. Once sold out, no individual round entrants will be available.

Discounted early bird series entry is $1000. This gives entry to all five (5) points rounds for one driver/one vehicle

  1. Entry to all 5 points rounds.
  2. NZ Superlap Series Windscreen Banner. Banners must be displayed at all rounds on the front windscreen (top of bottom).
  3. Special deals and promotions from sponsors exclusive to NZ Superlap Series entrants.
  4. We will also be inviting a handful of vehicles to represent Superlap at the V 4 & Rotary Nationals.

Please note, Hampton Downs rounds has a $28.75 H&S levy not included in your season entries. These can be paid on the day.

Class/Car/Driver Changes

Class/Car/Driver Changes Series points gained throughout the season are typically allocated to the combination of car and driver. The exception to this is Team entries for Open class cars.

If a car changes hands mid-season the points for that combination will not be forfeit, however the new owner will start accruing points from zero.

If a car changes class eligibility during the season (for example, a change in treadwear of tyres) they will not be able to transfer points to the new class. Points will not be forfeit and the car may elect to switch back to their original class and continue to accrue points.

If a driver gets a new car mid-season they can run that new car under their series entry without any additional fees, however they will start accruing points from zero as a new combination.

Dual Drivers/Vehicles

Dual drivers are allowed at rounds, however each driver will need to pay an entry fee. The same goes for one driver wanting to enter more than one vehicle.

Individual Event Entries

Individual round entry fees (if available) are approx $300 - $350 depending on track. This covers both days where events are held over 2 days. Entries are to be submitted online at www.motorsportentry.com by the Wednesday prior to the event for all rounds, aside from the Super Rounds and Manfeild rounds which will be entered through the 4 & Rotary online system. Late entries may be accepted on the day, at the discretion of the organiser, for an additional $20 late fee.

Please note, all competitors (Season and individual) are required to pay the Hampton Downs Health & Safety fee of $28.75. This is payable at documentation and only required at the Hampton Downs rounds.

Windscreen Banners

All season competitors are required to have the NZ Superlap Series windscreen banner applied and visible on your front windscreen at all rounds. You are responsible for placing it on your windscreen yourself. Windscreen Banners are included with your entry fee. If removed, you will be required to purchase a new banner ($20)

Car Club

As a MSNZ requirement, all competitors planning to run more than 2 rounds must be a member of a Car Club. New Competitors to Superlap get first year free thanks to the Historic Racing Club. Further year membership can be purchased for $50 per year. Alternatively you can use any other Motorsport NZ affiliated Car Club membership.


Refunds will not be given to season entrants should your car break/unable to compete in the rest of the season etc. If your vehicle does break, you are more than welcome to compete in another vehicle for the season (or until your original vehicle is fixed). If you're unable to compete in the rest of the season for whatever reason, you may speak NZ Superlap Series Co-ordinator to see if it's possible for NZ Superlap Series to replace your spot in the remaining rounds.

Professional Conduct

NZ Superlap Series takes pride in being a friendly series, both on and off the track. As a competitor, you are representing the series at all times. Any forms of negativity or bullying towards drivers/crew/cars etc will not be tolerated and may result in forfeiting your round points, or overall season ban with no refund. If any issues are raised both on and off the track, get in contact with us before taking any actions.


All Superlap Aero must confirm to Schedule A, as do most other motorsports in NZ. Competitors wishing to make significant aerodynamic modifications should contact the motorsport nz technical department directly.

MotorSport NZ Manual

Please note, Scrutineers have the final say on the day. They will generally give you a one time warning if your car does not comply, and will need to be fixed prior to the next meeting. Scrutineers and Organisers have the right to remove any vehicle that fails to meet these criteria, or refuses to fix their Aero problems. It is your responsibilty to ensure the vehicle is within Schedule A prior to attending events. Street cars are further limited by the VIRM and your Warrant Inspector.

Event Format

Documentation and Briefing

All drivers are expected to attend the driver’s briefing at the beginning of each round they wish to drive in. Briefing is generally held near the documentation office – each individual round will post a timetable so you know when the session will be held. Timetables will also detail when documentation and scrutineering are available. Late documentation may be available at the discretion of the organiser, but please contact the Superlap series coordinator if you believe you will need to do late documentation.

Track Sessions

Superlap sessions are intended to have at least 5 sessions at 8 minutes long – this is not open pit, and if you return to pits your ability to return to the track is at the discretion of the official manning the pit lane. You do not need to stay on the track for the entire session.

Superlap cars will be grouped by laptimes, rather than classes with the fastest cars out first. This is to ensure your safety and smooth running by being out on track with cars doing similar speeds. Groups may be shuffled over the course of the weekend and this will be communicated (typically via an information board), it is your responsibility to present on time for your correct group.

No practice sessions are scheduled, and no track session is compulsory – it is up to you to utilise the sessions in the most suitable manner for your car. Every timed lap counts towards your fastest time of the round.

Superlap Shootout

Time permitting, there may be a top 10 shootout session during the event to give competitors the opportunity to have the track to themselves in a “no traffic” situation. The shootout is not guaranteed at every round.

Results & Timing

Timed Laps

Official timing is by AMB transponder and the MyLaps system. If you do not have a transponder, you can hire one at the track but these must be returned at the end of the event. We recommend purchasing your own transponder, they pay for themselves after 3 rounds.

The NZ Superlap Series will have AMB timing running for every session. Every lap you complete with your transponder on during the event is counted. Your fastest lap of the event will be your official Superlap time for that round.

Your times from each track session will be available printed near the documentation office, and also on the live race timing smartphone app.

Results & Prizegiving

Round results will be available as soon as possible after the final Superlap track session of the event. Prizegiving will be approximately 30 minutes after the final results have been posted. There will be a prizegiving at every round, and Round 5 (Season Finale) will include the series trophy presentation also.

Series Points

Points will be allocated for each class, based on the official Superlap time for each car (your fastest timed lap of the event). Points are 75, 67, 60, 54, 49, 45, 42 (then reducing by 3 points for every placing down to 20th). The series winners will be those cars in each class who have the highest number of points over all six (6) rounds.

Final season points are calculated by your top 4 highest scoring rounds. Your lowest scoring round will be dropped. Not attending a round, or failing to complete a timed lap results in a score of 0. 

Safety Gear

All racers are required to wear a minimum single layer racesuit/overalls made of a flame resistant material. 100% Cotton is ok, polycotton is not. Fully enclosed shoes are also a must. Gloves are not required but recommended. Helmets must have a label matching any of those shown in Schedule A (see below).

Need new racesuits/shoes/gloves etc? Contact our series sponsors Prowear. Discounted rates for all season Superlap competitors.

MotorSport NZ Manual

Time until Round 2:

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